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Celebrating these amazing women who have
transformed their lives because they dared to "Take a Leap of Faith”.

“My SALES have INCREASED by over 30%”


“Before I met Tracy my business was going well, but I felt completely overwhelmed.  I had a lot going on but I didn’t have the focus I needed!


In my VIP Day with Tracy I was blown away by how she helped me map out EXACTLY what I needed to do to grow my business, and take it to the next level.  I feel like I have this edge that I didn’t have before.


One week after working with Tracy I met my ideal client and since then my SALES have INCREASED by over 30%”

/// Tracy Griffiths 

(Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur)

“I Attracted SEVERAL Ideal Clients Right Away".


Since working with Tracy, I’ve successfully filled several programs and gained more VIP Clients has a life strategist and love expert coach. I was also able to increase my social media engagement and grow my following. I received praise and credibility for the real me that Tracy was able to capture in front of the camera and on film.  

Overall I was able to birth a more comfortable brand that truly represented all of me and in returned I was able to increase my following and attracted several ideal clients.

///Tinamaria Bernard

Life Strategist Relationship and Dating COACH (Photography By Tracy Braime)

“I Found My PURPOSE, Made MONEY And Created More TIME in My Schedule!”


Before working with Tracy I didn’t know where to start, I knew I had the talent and skill, but I just didn’t know how to put it all together.


I learned how to make money, build a following, and create more time in my busy schedule.  Tracy has been a HUGE asset to helping me grow my business and I highly recommend working her.  She’s also a wiz with the camera and helped me produce and co-anchor my first cooking show.  Tracy’s the ‘BOMB’ I loved working with her.”

///Avis Wretmore - Public Figure, Cooking Show Host, Entrepreneur

All these women
changed their lives now it's your turn.

And start living the life I dreamed about TODAY

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