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I'm Tracy

I help women to discover their brilliance and create laptop-coaching businesses that they can do from anywhere and build stylish personal brands.

Why?  Because when women are standing in their power doing what they love they can make a difference in the world, and it’s time for women like us to play a bigger game and inspire others to do the same.


My life is fantastic right now.  My business is thriving.  I get to work with brilliant women who inspire and amaze me every single day.  Life keeps getting better and better, I wake-up in the morning having to pinch myself wondering if this is my life.


But it was not always like this.  I didn’t start out has a coach. 


Several years ago I was a successful interior designer that was until the housing market crashed in California and the economy tanked.  I was struggling to keep me head above water.  I had no other choice but to reinvent myself.


At the time Internet marketing was still in its infancy.  I imagined myself building my online empire and drinking cocktails on the beach somewhere fabulous.


So, I dived into the online world and gobbled up all the information I could.  I followed all the BIG online marketing gurus, I went to all the seminars, and I bought all the programs. 


I had no problem invested in myself once I got over the investment hurdle because I was confident that I had it all figured out.  I committed to a niche in the weight loss market, and set up my first website. 


Well, cut a long story short I lost my shirt and I failed miserably!  I had to go find a job with my tail between my legs so I could pay my rent and recoup my losses.

After suffering long enough, making money for someone else, I decided it was time to get back in the game and I fired my boss again.  That’s always a good feeling.


I convinced myself the reason I failed the first time around was because I was not in the right marketplace. 


So, I was going to do things different this time.  I knew I had learned enough to help others.  I just had to figure out what I was going to do with my talent and who I was going to serve.


And so began my long dance has the niche switcher.


I was bouncing around like a Ping-Pong ball struggling to figure out my niche.  I just didn’t know what to do with all the talent I had.  I kept trying to squeeze it all into one box and it wouldn’t fit.


I was working my butt off, but I was getting nowhere fast.  I finally woke up and realized something else was stopping me from putting myself out there.  I needed help.


So, I hired a coach to figure out, ‘WHY’ I was self-sabotaging. 


My breakthrough came when I realized I was letting my past hold me back from my future, and I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel I just had to make a commitment and stay focused.


That aloud me to gain clarity on my path, and carve out a niche for myself by helping other women find their niche, and build a business that gives me time freedom, flexibility and the income to do what I love.

What I really want you to know is that creating your freedom based laptop-coaching business and finding your ideal clients doesn’t have to be a struggle and doesn’t have to take you years.  Growing your business can be fun, where you can make a lasting impact on other people’s lives.


The key is to make it easy for your clients to find you because when they do the quicker your programs will start changing lives and the faster you will start increasing your income.


So, that’s me a nutshell why not explore more?

And start living the life I dreamed about TODAY

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