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The Guide to Dealing With Career Burnout

Sooner or later career burnout seems to come knocking for most aspiring entrepreneurs at some point on their career path. The funny thing is it can show up at any stage in the game. Maybe your just starting out in your business or you’re a huge success. It doesn’t matter burnout is not picky about which door it knocks on.

I recall quite a few slumps while building my business and I still get them today. When it hits sometimes you can find yourself questioning everything, such as, am I in the right business? Do I need a career change? I’m working like a dog and I’m not having fun. Does this sound familiar to you? If it does you may be driving yourself a little crazy.

So how can you deal with burnout?

My trick was to first identifying what was going on because the truth is it might be regular old burnout or it could be time for a BIG change.

Step 1 – The Root of the Problem

First you need to get to the route of the problem and ask yourself if you’re just having a bad day, or if you had the opportunity to start something new tomorrow would you do it? Set aside you commitments at this stage and just give yourself an honest answer.

Step 2 – Take a Time Out

Maybe you just need a vacation. I see so many fellow entrepreneurs working so hard that they forget to have fun. Guess what, if you’re not taking any time away from your business to do things that you love then you’re definitely going to burnout. Trust me, I know I’ve been there many times. So when did you last do something fun just for you, that was NOT work related? Two much of the same old same old gets old, it doesn’t matter what it is or how much you love it. YOU need to take a break!

Step 3 – What or Who is Testing Your Patience?

What part of your business is driving you nuts? Do you have clients that test your patience or you dread dealing with? Are there aspects of your business that you loaf doing? Get real and figure out which parts of wheel are messing with your mojo. Now that you may have a few answers ask yourself how you can change what’s not working for you. Can you ditch the clients; can you hire someone to do the things that are not in your creative zone? Step 4 – Get Passionate

Are you in your zone? Sometimes we can get bogged down with the daily routine and we can lose drive and passion. Play to your strengths this is where we all excel. What are your strengths? What are you good at? What parts of your business motivate you? If you can answer these questions you may be able to light a new fire under your touch. Listen to your inner voice for guidance. There is nothing wrong with starting a new chapter if that is what you truly need at this point in your life. Don’t let fear get in your way. We are continuously growing and changing and sometimes making a shift or change can scare the crap out of you, but don’t let that stop you. There are no endings just new beginnings, so go for it and put the junk in the truck and hit the road baby. Have you had burnout in your business? Tell me your story. What did you do to find your spark again? Thanks for sharing your comments. The world needs your talent so stick with it!

Thank you for your support, blessings to you and your future success. I believe in YOU. With love and blessings,

Tracy Braime

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