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With Tracy Jane Q

For New Coaches with BIG Dreams...
Blast Off your coaching business without having to sacrfice your life!
What if...


You were able to turn your part-time coaching business into a full time career that gave you the time freedom to travel around the world, do what you love and spend more time with the people you care about, while getting paid for making a difference in other peoples lives?


All this and MUCH MORE is possible for you as a new coach… really!

How do I know?


Because for has long as I can remember I struggled to get my business off the ground as a new coach.  Most of the time I felt frustrated and overwhelmed.  I knew I had the goods but I wasn’t sure where I fit in and how I could stand out from the crowd.


My heart was in it, but I had a tough time trying to piece it all together.  It seemed like my to do list was longer than my arm and by the end of the day I was exhausted and I’d barely made any progress in my business.


This led me to crash and burn not once, but twice.  I finally woke up one day and said something has to change.  I hired a coach, worked through my blocks and figured out I was letting my past keep me from my future.


My success did not happen over night, but my breakthrough came when I reached out to the right people, invested in myself and gained clarity on where I was going and how I was going to get there.

Fast forward to today. 


I pushed through my FEARS and got unstuck you can too…


I would not be where I am today if I had not invested in myself by working with the right people and got the help I needed.


I went from quitting my job and having practically zero clients to a flood of dream clients and a consistent income.  I get to spend quality time with my family and friends.  I get to take my biz on the road for months at a time to places like europe or just travel to othere states in the USA. 


It’s amazing how my life turned around in such a short time.

This is all possible for you too, let me show you how!

“One Week After Working with Tracy I met my ideal client and since then My SALES INCREASED by Over 30%”


“Before I met Tracy my business was going well, but I felt completely overwhelmed. I had a lot going on but I didn’t have the focus I needed! 

I was blown away by how Tracy helped me map out EXACTLY what I needed to do to grow my business, and take it to the next level. I feel like I have this edge that I didn’t have before.


Thanks Tracy you’re my secret weapon! 


Tracy Griffiths (Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur)

Who is private coaching with Tracy for?

Private coaching with Tracy is for new women coaches or service based entrepreneurs who are:


  • Ready to attract their dream clients

  • No longer willing to stay stuck, frustrated living an ordinary life

  • Desire to make a six figure income

  • Want to push through fears that are holding you back

  • Desire to fire their boss and create a freedom based coaching business

  • Are ready to master sales and no longer feel like a 'pushy' sales woman.

“I Attracted SEVERAL Ideal Clients Right Away!”


Since working with Tracy, I’ve successfully filled several programs and gained more VIP Clients has a life strategist and love expert coach. I was also able to increase my social media engagement and grow my following. I received praise and credibility for the real me that Tracy was able to capture in front of the camera and on film.  

Overall I was able to birth a more comfortable brand that truly represented all of me and in returned I was able to increase my following and attracted several ideal clients.


Tinamaria Bernard (Life Strategist Relationship & Dating COACH) (Photography By Tracy Braime)

During this custom program you will…  
  • Discover your unique skills and talent and know how to package your gifts

  • Gain crystal clear clarity on your offer and what to charge

  • Put your systems and structures in place

  • Want to position yourself for clients, cash and confidence in 90 days

  • Be ready to create a personal brand that truly represents who you are

  • Get clear on how to position yourself has an expert in your industry

Month to Month Review
Month 1





First, we will zero in on your skills and talent and what makes you UNIQUE.  Next, we will slay your gremlins (if you have them) and create a mindset for success.  And third, we’ll discover whom you’re here to coach and create your signature program that you’re ideal clients can’t wait to buy. 

Month 2





Next we’ll cover site basics domain + hosting and email services.  Then it’s time to dive into your website, sales page, opt in, images and create a brand that makes your heart sing and your clients want to whip out their wallet.  You will have sizzling copy that’s too hot to handle.

Month 3





Let’s set up your atomized sales machine so your clients can easily find you and you can build an email list while you sleep.  We will cover Facebook ads, auto responders, landing pages and map out your sales success plan.


“I’d Still Be Broke if it Wasn’t for Tracy.  She’s the BOMB”


I found my PURPOSE, made MONEY, created more TIME in my schedule and learned how to build my FOLLOWING on Social-Media! 

Before working with Tracy I didn’t know where to start, I knew I had the talent and skill, but I just didn’t know how to put it all together. 

Tracy has been a HUGE asset to growing my business and I highly recommend her. She’s also a wiz with the camera and helped me produce and co-anchor my first cooking show. Tracy’s the ‘BOMB’ I loved working with her.”


Avi-Wrentmore – Public Figure, Cooking Show Host, Entrepreneur

What’s included in the private coaching program?


  • Welcome Package

  • Brand Analysis

  • 45-minute pre-intensive Skype session

  • 12 weekly 45-minute laser coaching calls where you will receive, strategy, feedback, accountability and support to blast off your business and make a consistent income.

  • My secret list of time saving tools and apps to stay on track and focused.

  • You’ll never be stranded between calls because you’ll have email support for 90 days.

Total Investment


Select one of the payment options below to reserve your spot today!


Pay for the entire program in full - $3,500 (best price!)







Payment Plan Available upon request!


2 Payments of $1,200 (with $1,500 deposit)

Have questions about the program?  Want to make sure it's a good fit for you and your business?


Apply for a complimentary decision making session to make sure this coaching package is the right fit for you.

The value of your new program we create will no doubt exceed the price of your investment in our time together.  In fact, by selling ONLY 1 or 2 of your new programs we create you will more than likely make your money back!.

Upon completion of your 90 Day Program with Tracy you will have:
  • Your vision turned into reality

  • Your own authentic UNIQUE story

  • GOALS set in place for your NEXT steps

  • An irresistible offer and package that clients are ready to buy

  • The know how to become a sought after expert and leader in your market place

  • A business plan that will support the lifestyle and goals that you dreamed of for you and your family

  • You will be motivated, confident and UNSTOPPABLE!

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