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The Guide to Find Your Passion

I recently received this message from one of my follower’s.

Tracy, I’m really struggling to find my true passion, I enjoy the things that I do, but I still don’t feel warm and fuzzy about just one thing. Any advice?

This is one of the questions I hear a frequently. It’s also something that I personally struggled with for years when I was first starting my business. I made the same mistake that most people seem to make when starting out and that is spending too much time thinking about how you’re going to do it instead of getting in the game.

If you want to get some clarity you have to get out of your head!

One of the things that I am “passionate” about is dance. I’m a big fan of swing dancing and argentine tango. I was practically dancing before I was walking. But I spent so much time; wait let me correct that, I wasted so much time thinking about whether or not I should teach dance has a career.

(photography by Shane Karns)

How to Get CLARITY

But it wasn’t until I jumped in that I got my clarity. So instead of teaching a class by myself, I assisted in teaching a class with a more advanced instructor and this is where four things came up for me.

First I discovered that it was much more fun for me to dance with advanced dancers than teach beginners. So by jumping in you’re going to know if you like it of not. Chances are you may hate it and you won’t waste any more time.

Second I noticed most of the instructors had to teach in the evenings because that’s when most people had free time to take a class. That meant that I would have to teach when everyone else was playing. See with a new pair of eyes, just because you’re good at something it doesn’t mean you will love teaching it.

And the third thing I was battling with was most of the teachers I knew were nursing injuries from overly abusing their bodies with excessive dance schedules that kept them on their feet all day. And I hate to have to say it, but some of my dance instructors have ugly feet from the dancing they had endured over the years! That did not appeal to me. So ask yourself if the schedule and lifestyle work for you?

Lastly I also worried because I felt like dance was not a smart long-term career choice, and most of my instructors always seemed to be struggling to find their next paycheck. So, I figured I probably wouldn’t make that much money anyway and it would be an unstable career choice. If you are considering turning your passion into a business ask yourself if it would really pay off and if not be grateful that you have found something that you’re passionate about!

Finally, I got smart and I decided I would save dance, which was not my only passion, for the dance floor and apply some of my other skills and talents to starting my own business.


The message here is to try it, whatever it is GET in the game! You will not get any clarity if you keep thinking about it. You have to engage and take action!

Whether it’s starting a new career, taking a class, volunteering, whatever it is get your butt in gear and just do it!

Did you use a guide to find your passion? Do you have any tricks for finding your passion? Tell us your story. Give has much detail has possible because your story may help someone else to find their passion!

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Thank you, as always for sharing!

With Love,

Tracy Braime

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